Dyrin Tina as a 4 year old in Bavel

Born: 1972
Breeder: T.J. Gwyn Price, Wales (Photo by Ellen van Leeuwen)
Dyrin Tina, winning the national championship of the Netherlands in 1983.

Dyrin Tina will go into history as one of the most prolific mares of her times. She has won every prize possible in the Netherlands and her extended offspring is still going very strong at shows. No national show has gone by in the past years without any of Tina's descendants scoring high. In her prime, Tina would score highest through her very strong movements and her true mountain pony type, as well as a wonderful eye. All of this, she passed on to her offspring.

Dyrin Tina in 1983
Dyrin Tina at the 1981 National Show Dyrin Tina at the 1983 national show



Sumrin still breeds from Dyrin Tina's descendants. As Tina retired from the breeding arena, she picked up a riding career even winning prizes in competitions. At the age of 27, Tina revisited Sumrin to once more re-unite with her progeny and show the world she was still the queen of all.

Tina passed away in 2006 at the grand age of 34.

Dyrin Tina Dyrin Martini Criban Bantam Bolgoed Shot Star Grove Sprightly
Vardra Sunflower
Criban Brenda Criban Cockade
Criban Ruby
Cwmowen Nutshell Dyrin Athlete Criban Cockade
Dyrin Princess
Cwmowen Lady Forest Blue Banner
Cwmowen Young Cream Nellie
Dyrin Grey Dawn Gaerstone Viscount Bowdler Blue Boy Bowdler Brightlight
Cleveland Marine
Gaerstone Margaret Bowdler Blue Boy
Gaerstone Lady
Orgwm Dawn Cui Chief Criban Snowball
Cui Laurel
Orgwm Daydream Whitehall Knight

Royal Star

 Some highlights of Dyrin Tina's career 

  • 1975: Best 3 year old and best representative of the breed.
  • 1976: Champion at regional show in Bavel, "ster" premium at the national
  • 1979: National Champion
  • 1980: Ridden test IBOP (91 Points) AA +'Keur' certificate
  • 1981: National Reserve Champion
  • 1981: Received "Preferent" premium for good breeding results
  • 1983: National Champion and retired from showring
  • 1997-1999: Appeared in ridden classes and won
  • 2000: Received Elite premium for excellent breeding results

Tina doing the IBOP test

Dyrin Tina had 15 foals at Sumrin:

1976: Sumrin Tristan by Coed Coch Brodor colt
1977: Sumrin Titus by Leith Popover colt
1978: Sumrin Tiara by Vardra Julius filly
1979: Sumrin Ticino by Vardra Julius colt
1980: Sumrin Titiana by Vardra Julius filly
1981: Sumrin Terence Hill by Vardra Julius colt
1982: Sumrin Tirana by Vardra Julius filly
1983: Sumrin Tsarina by Criban Star Fiddle filly
1984: Sumrin Tessa by Criban Star Fiddle filly
1986: Sumrin Tania by Hisland Pye filly
1988: Sumrin Taru by Dyfed Geraint filly
1989: Sumrin Tequila by Vardra Julius filly
1990: Sumrin Taxandria by Vardra Julius filly
1992: Sumrin Toendra by Vechtzicht's Harmony filly
1993: Sumrin Tricia by Vechtzicht's Harmony filly