Royal Star
Born: 1940
WPCS Number: 9127
Studbook Volume:
Breeder: Tom Jones Evans  

Royal Star was bred by Tom Jones Evans of Craven Arms, but in fact registered by Major Careless under the Royal prefix. Royal Star spent a number of years at Excelsior stud, but also produced Orgwm Dawn.


Royal Star Craven Cyrus King Cyrus (Arab) Skowronek (Arab) Ibrahim (Arab)
Jaskolka (Arab)
Kibla (Arab) Mesaoud (Arab)
Makbula (Arab)
Irfon Lady Twilight Dyoll Starlight Dyoll Glas-Allt
Dyoll Moonlight
Seren Eppynt Unknown
Ness Daffodil Forest Star Mixture Bleddfa Shooting Star Dyoll Starlight
Alveston Belle
Emlyn Midget Eiddwen Flyer I
Ness Lilac Bleddfa Shooting Star Dyoll Starlight
Alveston Belle
Forest Nora II Forest Adbolton Sir Horace
Forest Eiddwen Nora

Looking at the pedigree of Royal Star, we see she carries 25% of Arab breeding through her sire Craven Cyrus. Craven Cyrus has had an influence on the breed, notably in section A also through his daughter Wentworth Grey Dapples (Clan Dana, Clan Dubail), but also through his son Craven Greylight and grandson Craven Daylight.


Royal Star left offspring up to age 21:

  • Royal Flash, mare born 1943, by Craven Titlight
  • Excelsior Seren, mare born 1947, by Dinarth What Ho (exported to USA)
  • Orgwm Daydream, mare born 1949, by Whitehall Knight
  • Excelsior Seren II, mare born 1956, by Tanffynnon Twm Shanco (exported to USA)
  • Excelsior Prydferth, mare born 1958, by Tanffynnon Twm Shanco
  • Excelsior Cawr, stallion born 1959, by Tanffynnon Twm Shanco
  • Excelsior Miriam, mare born 1961, by Gredington Oswallt


Excelsior Prydferth made her mark on the breed via her daughter Excelsior Siani, who is dam of Nebo Siani. As such, she started off a line of section "C" ponies of world fame, such as Nebo Bouncer. Nebo Bouncer has topped the sire ratings for section C on multiple occasions.

 Another daughter of Prydferth, Excelsior Salome stayed at Excelsior, her great granddaughter was named Excelsior Prydfert (again). Her granddaughter, Excelsior Mali went to Llanarth stud.


The famous mare Withof Shana, at Perlhof stud in Belgium also comes out of the Excelsior Salome line.