Ness Lilac
Born: 1914
WPCS Number: 7645
Studbook Volume: XXIII (1923)
Breeder: W.S.Miller
Previously known as: Forest Nora Grey
WPCS Number: 6030
Studbook Volume: XVIII (1918)

In the beginning of the century, it was fairly common to re-register mares when they were sold, in order to show their new prefix. There are classical examples of this, such as Bwlch Quicksilver-Towy Model Starlight, Dyoll Ballistite-Grove Ballistite, etc.

Lilac saw the light at Forest stud in 1914 and was named Forest Nora Grey, The year also marked the beginning of World War I, 3 years after the peak of 55 foals registered at Forest. Sharp decline in registrations show that Mr. Miller had cut down his herd considerably in 1912, two years before Forest Nora Grey was born. Records show one filly registered out of Nora Grey at Forest: 6936 Forest Greystone by Forest Jehu 948, born in 1918. 1918 was the last peak of registrations at Forest Lodge, when 29 foals were registered. After 1918, only 30 foals were registered at Forest in a period of 8 years.

Lilac was an interesting outcross for Mr. Miller. Out of more than 500 ponies registered for Forest, only 4 are sired by Bleddfa Shooting Star. All of these were born in 1914, which must mean Mr. Miller took a number of his best mares to Bleddfa Shooting Star in 1913. He registered the offspring of Forest Nora II, Forest Merit, Forest Musk and Emlyn Midget. Intriguing, as Mr. Miller rarely used grey stallions up to that point. In that year, only 17 fillies and 2 colts were registered. Forest Star Mixture was a chestnut stallion, only Nora Grey appeared to carry the grey colour of her sire. Extraordinary, as Mr. Miller only registered 10 greys (out of 500!). Apparently, Mr. Miller was pleased with the foals as he retained two for breeding. It makes Lilac a quite uniquely bred pony, as she was the only mare by Bleddfa Shooting Star out of a mare by Forest Adbolton Sir Horace. 

Apparently, the Lyell family found Nora Grey in 1923 and re-registered her as Ness Lilac. It is obvious that Lilac was not in the least appreciated for being by Bleddfa Shooting Star. As Ness Lilac, two fillies out her were registered: Ness Daffodil and Ness Primrose, both by Forest Star Mixture.

Forest Greystone has made her mark at another stud, by producing the noted stallion Criban Chief. Criban Chief has had a strong impact on the breed, of course at Criban but especially at early Revel, but also at Bowdler. The most famous pony carrying influence of Criban Chief is the Royal Welsh champion mare Revel Spring Song. Her grand dam Revel Cuckoo is by Revel Chief out of Revel Light Grey, who are both by Criban Chief. His grandson Criban Pom stayed for a number of years at Bowdler and left some influential stock there. Throughout the pedigree of Dyrin Tina we find many crosses of Criban Chief, which means the line of Forest Nora Grey is well represented with her.


Ness Lilac / Forest Nora Grey Bleddfa Shooting Star Dyoll Starlight Dyoll Glas-Allt Flower of Wales
Dyoll Moonlight Glamorganshire Welsh Mountain Pony
Alveston Belle Cymro Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Forest Nora II Forest Adbolton Sir Horace Sir Horace Little Wonder II
Dorothy Derby
Gordon Belle General Gordon
Forest Eiddwen Nora Eiddwen Flyer II Eiddwen Flyer I
Gordon Belle
Nora 191 Unknown