Born: 1894
WPCS Number: 191
Studbook Volume: I
Breeder: unknown
Nora was registered in the first studbook of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society, of which Mr. Miller was also a founding member. When Mr. Miller purchased Fforest Lodge, he acquired the Welsh mares on the land as well. Nora was a black mare, a colour which was inherited by her daughter and granddaughter as well.

Noted offspring:

  • Forest Eiddwen Nora by Eiddwen Flyer II, born 1898
  • Forest Blaze Nora by Redlight (son of Dyoll Starlight)

Forest Blaze Nora did start another line: Through famed Criban and Blanche studs, she is the maternal ancestor of Shergolds Vin Rose, who can be found in the pedigree of many ponies, of which maybe Idyllic Pavlova and her offspring (amongst which Idyllic Entrepreneur) are most widely known.