Born: 1898
WPCS Number: 1233
Studbook Volume: IV
Sire: Eiddwen Flyer II
Dam: Nora, 191 WPCS
Breeder: W.S.Miller

Forest Eiddwen Nora was by the famed Eiddwen Flyer II. Interesting part is that she is only one of three ponies bred by Mr. Miller that are sired by Eiddwen Flyer II. Eiddwen Flyer II is best known as grandsire of (Forest) Klondyke, who has a great impact through his descendant Coed Coch Glyndwr. At high age, Eiddwen Flyer II also sired Llwyn Cymro, who was out of a mare by Klondyke. Llwyn Cymro can be found for instance as sire of Mathrafal Cupid, to which Bowdler Blue Boy was line bred.

Forest Eiddwen Nora left three offspring at Forest lodge, besides Forest Nora II, Forest Rocket (by Forest Cupid) is a noteworthy son of Forest Eiddwen Nora.

In 7 breeding seasons, Forest Rocket left 33 registered offspring behind at Forest, and many others outside. The most influential line of Forest Rocket today is through his granddaughter Revel Judy, who started the Revel "J" line of Revel Jewel, Revel Jeeves, Revel Janus and Revel Joain. Outside the Revel J line, Forest Rocket has had influence on a large share of Revel ponies bred by John Griffiths in the first half of the 20th century.