Born: 1907
WPCS Number: 3266
Studbook Volume: XI
Breeder: W.S.Miller

Forest Nora II was sired by Forest Adbolton Sir Horace. Adbolton Sir Horace was sired by the Hackney, Sir Horace, which was fairly common at the time.

Mr. Miller bred for a purpose, selling ponies as harness ponies for doctors etc, and concluded he could not find purebred Welsh stallions that would fit his breeding purpose. He was also against closing the studbook for foreign influence, as it would diminish chances to improve the breed. In that respect, his point of view was much like that of Lady Wentworth, who wanted to keep the breed open for the use of Arabians.

Forest Adbolton Sir Horace must have been Mr. Miller's favourite stallion, judging from the amount of ponies he sired at Forest. He left 110 offspring at Forest, which accounts for more than 20% of of ponies carrying the Forest prefix. Of the other 80%, many are next generation offspring. As an example, Royal Welsh champion mare Revel Spring Song carries 9 crosses of Forest Adbolton Sir Horace! Forest Nora II's most famous offspring is Forest Nora Grey



Forest Nora II Forest Adbolton Sir Horace Sir Horace Little Wonder II
Dorothy Derby
Gordon Belle General Gordon
Forest Eiddwen Nora Eiddwen Flyer II Eiddwen Flyer I
Gordon Belle
Nora 191 Unknown