Sumrin is a small stud in the Netherlands, located in the village of Lierop, which is in Noord-Brabant near Eindhoven and Helmond, along the highway from Eindhoven to Venlo. The name Sumrin comes from the old name of the county and village of Someren, where my mother grew up and where Lierop belongs to. Since 1968 Welsh Mountain ponies are being bred at Sumrin with the use of high quality individuals from Criban, Bowdler and Revel bloodlines. 

At Sumrin we aim to breed ponies that follow the breed description of the Welsh section A. The main features we are looking for are substance, type, correctness and lots of elegance. We try to keep our goal high and aim to heighten the standard. Regularly, we produce our stock on shows, to be able to compare where we are, but also to have a fun experience among fellow breeders. Annually, up to three foals are born at Sumrin.

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 Sumrin Tysilio  Sumrin Saint Mary
Sumrin Tysilio, born 2007 Sumrin Saint Mary, born 2013 
 Sumrin Topelius  Horseland's Cracker
Sumrin Topelius, born 2015 Horseland's Cracker, born 2015