Dyrin Seren Wen and Anita van Gogh
Dyrin Seren Wen and Anita van Gogh. Photo by Frank Tielemans

Breeder: T. J. Gwyn Price, Sennybridge, Wales

Born: 1971

 Dyrin Seren Wen in 1973

Dyrin Seren Wen came to Sumrin in 1972, directly from her breeder. As a youngster, she won several prizes, such as best three year old at the regional show in Deurne, 1974. She was by the popular stallion Brierwood Goldleaf, who even sired ponies at Coed Coch stud. Her dam is the renowned Cwmowen Nutshell, also mother of Dyrin Martini and Dyrin Honeysuckle. Interesting enough, her breeder told us that Dyrin Tina would be the better show mare, but Dyrin Seren Wen would be the better breeding mare. History proved him wrong, but still Dyrin Seren Wen proved a good breeder, as she left the premium stallion Sumrin Sunstar and a couple of nice daughters, which awarded her the preferent predicate for the NWPCS. Seren Wen also got the ster predicate with the NWPCS and she did the IBOP performance test and concluded this with an "A" premium.



Dyrin Seren Wen had the following foals at Sumrin:

1974 Sumrin Sapphire by Dyrin Quicksilver
1975 Sumrin Senator by Dyrin Quicksilver
1976 Sumrin Sunstar by Vardra Julius
1977 Sumrin Smaragd by Leith Popover
1978 Sumrin Saturnus by Vardra Julius
1979 Sumrin Sirius by Vardra Julius
1980 Sumrin Sorella by Coed Coch Olfyr
1982 Sumrin Star of Hope by Vardra Julius




 Dyrin Seren Wen Brierwood Goldleaf  

Brierwood Popwood

Brierwood Whiteking Criban Historical  
Criban Ensa
Brierwood Lolipop Brierwood Mistwyn
Barley Sugar
Brierwood Bayleaf Wentworth Mentor Coed Coch Glyndwr
Wentworth Silver Minnow
Brierwood Treacle Dragon
Barley Sugar
Cwmowen Nutshell Dyrin Athlete Criban Cockade Ness Commander
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Criban Cosy
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