Criban Bantam

1947-1972 Picture from Welsh Mountain Ponies & Cobs, Dr. Wynne Davies, 1979.

Criban Bantam is one of the better post-war stockgetters. His influence is mainly through Dyrin, Synod, Criban, Blanche, but even to many other studs such as Eppynt and indirectly to Fronbach. In the Netherlands his influence is strongest through Dyrin Tina, Dyrin Warpu, Dyrin Vixen, Dyrin Quicksilver, Synod Cherry Pink and Synod Nutshell. These ponies have all been or produced champions in the Netherlands.

The original influence of Bantam at Sumrin is through our foundation mare Dyrin Tina, but several of the outside stallions we used carry the blood of Criban Bantam, notably Dyrin Quicksilver, Varpullan Wieroch (both through Dyrin Martini), but also Springbourne Huckleberry (through Bryniau Grelight and Blanche Sparkle) and also Rhesfair Joe Chwedl (through Cennen Cariad). Sumrin Saint Mary has 4 lines of Criban Bantam now.

Criban Bantam's pedigree is probably one of the most interesting ones. He was one of the last straight descendants from Dyoll Starlight, through the strong line of Bleddfa Shooting Star, Grove Sprightly and Tregoyd Starlight. Bantam's sire is the young deceased Bolgoed Shot Star, who was by Tregoyd Starlight out of champion mare Vardra Sunflower. Shot Star was indeed closely related to Vardra Charm. Bantam's dam is Criban Brenda, a mare line bred to Criban Shot, who has Criban Socks as a granddam, through her famous son Criban Cockade. Criban Brenda's dam is Criban Ruby who represents a very strong line at Criban. Criban Brenda also is the dam of Criban Golden Spray, who started up the line of Bettws ponies.

It is interesting to realize that Revel Choice is basically an inbred product to Vardra Charm with a 25% Criban influence to Criban Pebble. Vardra Charm's sire, Bleddfa Shooting Star is twice the grandsire of Tregoyd Starlight, so Vardra Charm was strongly related to Bolgoed Shot Star. That makes Criban Bantam closely related to Revel Choice in many ways.

One can also see that Bolgoed Shot Star had a number of siblings born at Shimdda Hir, notable Shimdda Hir Sprightly Shot and Shimdda Hir Seren Medi. The latter had an influence at Springbourne stud through her granddaughter and Royal Welsh champion Cwmgarn Heidi. This line is represented through Springbourne Huckleberry in Sumrin Saint Mary and in Horseland's Cracker and Sumrin Tysilio through Vechtzicht's Hywel.




Criban Bantam Bolgoed Shot Star Tregoyd Starlight Grove Sprightly Bleddfa Shooting Star
Grove Sprite II
Grove Peep O'Day Bleddfa Shooting Star
Grove Twilight
Vardra Sunflower Craven Master Shot Craven Star Shot
Forest Tosca
Nance O'r Bryn Ap Starlight
Mountain Pony
Criban Brenda Criban Cockade Ness Commander Ness King
Ness Violet
Criban Socks Criban Shot
Criban Forest Lass
Criban Ruby Criban Shot Criban Kid
Criban Chestnut Swell
Criban Chocolate Flake Criban Wild Wonder
Chocolate Lass