On May 24 2022, Sumrin Saint Mary was covered by Sumrin Topelius for a 2023 foal. 

On April 15, 2023, she gave birth to a chestnut (will turn grey) filly named Sumrin Sylvia. One of the most famous works of the writer Zachris Topelius is "Sylvia's Songs", so the name is a tribute to her sire.

Unfortunately, Sylvia broke her leg in the field, an operation could not save her anymore and she passed on May 1st, 2023





Sire:Sumrin Topelius

Dam: Sumrin Saint Mary



Sumrin Sylvia Sumrin Topelius Lowland Danny Boy Dukeshill Magnum Dukeshill Action Man
Sunwillow Mutters
Lowland Daffodil Criban King Bee
Pendock Dahlia
Sumrin Timea Springbourne Glide Springbourne Claret
Springbourne Glenys
Sumrin Taru Dyfed Geraint
Dyrin Tina
Sumrin Saint Mary Rhesfair Joe Chwedl Dukeshill Magnum Dukeshill Action Man
Sunwillow Mutters
Caerheulog Lady Jane Cwmffrwyd Lead Soldier
Fronbach Dangerous Lady
Sumrin Tatum O'Neill Kai Midas Aelvengrey Merlynne
Sadiqui Little Gift
Sumrin Tulip Festival Springbourne Huckleberry
Sumrin Taru