Criban Star Fiddle
(photo by B. van der Wielen)
Born: 1970
Died: 1988
Breeder: L. Richards
Pictured at Sumrin in 1984


1982: As usual, the stallion show was held in february. After the show, my father and I were quite disappointed in the new crop of stallions. Especially as we were looking for a stallion to match Sumrin Titiana. We had laid eyes on Revel Tobias, but he seemed to be out of business already. During some discussion on Sunday February 15, 1982, my father remembered he had once seen a stallion. An old Criban stallion in the fields of the late Mr. Jan Lepoutre. As Mr. Lepoutre was not anymore registering his ponies at the NWPCS at that time, the stallion had not been shown at all. Of course he did not have a licence for the NWPCS either. He used to breed only for the WPCS or for the WPCV. As Mr. Lepoutre deceased, his sons were contemplating on selling the herd. We contacted Mr. Evert Lepoutre and we went to see him: Criban Star Fiddle. One of the most impressive Welsh ponies I have seen in my life, but at that moment suffering from being in too rich fields. Despite that fact, he did not founder, which did indicate his strong constitution. (Continued after pedigree)

Criban Star Fiddle Bowdler Beethoven Bowdler Bert Bowdler Blue Boy Bowdler Brightlight
Cleveland Marine
Bowdler Beauty Criban Pom
Bowdler Blue Bess
Bowdler Bess IV Criban Pom Criban Cracker
Criban Catkin
Bowdler Bess Bowdler Brightlight
Bowdler Black Bess
Criban My Stars Pendock Peter Owain Glyndwr Coed Coch Glyndwr
Wenthworth StormyPetrel
Pendock Bluebell Bowdler Blue Boy
Craven Toscanini
Criban Red Star Vardra Sunstar Criban Pebble
Vardra Charm
Criban Red Chip Criban Grey Grit
Criban Ruby

His career:

1971: Born at Mr Richards of the Criban stud.
1971: Imported to Holland by the late Mr. Jan Lepoutre, Hagert's stud
1972: Went to WPCV show, gained a 2nd premium.
1982: 17 February: New owner, Mr. Niels van Gestel, Lierop
1982: April: Approved with a premium at a special stallion inspection, 23 mares served in that year.
1983: February: Star Fiddle gains 1st premium at National Stallion inspection. 15 mares in 1983
1983: April: First foal born, filly Moerkuilen's Marsha at Mr. Harrie Bekkers' place in St. Oedenrode.
1983: June/July: 3 foals won their classes at some shows in Holland. One, Sumrin Tsarina was foal champion at the Wanroy show.
1984: Gained 1st premium at National Stallion Inspection. 18 mares served.
1984: November: Sold to Mr. Evert Lepoutre, son of the late Mr. Jan Lepoutre
1988: Criban Star Fiddle died after being struck by lightning.

Criban Star Fiddle was not valued very highly during his lifetime, but after his death, many of his descendant did very well. Unfortunately, he never left any sons, but his daughters have done quite well:

Varpullan Berbe, out of Craven Grey Dawn. Placed second at the European Show in 1984. Mother of approved stallion Varpullan Brutus by Vardra Julius
Sumrin Tsarina, out of Dyrin Tina. Champion as a foal, went on to have a riding career. At the age of 10, she gained a first premium with her foal Waardhoeve's Tirion (by Sumrin Tristan) at foot. Tirion got awarded a first premium as a yearling.
Hofke's Danielle, out of Twyford Springtime. Placed first of her class as a foal, then went on to have some first premiums for her new owner.
Moerkuilen's Marsha, out of Dyrin Vanity. Placed first of her class as a foal, had some first premiums later on.
Stroomdallandschap's Drentse AA's Anja, out of Baledon Daisy (by Revel Janus). Selected to go to the national as a 7 year old.
Sumrin Bluebell, out of Sumrin Titiana. As a 7 year old, overall champion of all sections at a Regional show in south Netherlands. Placed first on the national. As a 9 year old, she became reserve champion of the Netherlands.
Sumrin Tessa, out of Dyrin Tina. She is retained at the Sumrin stud and has given us some good foals. Tessa once beat the later national champion in a show.
Anouschka, out of Iris. As a 6 year old, selected to go to the national.
Hofkes Gemma, out of Twyford Springtime. Selected to go to the national as a two year old.
Tongelre's Whisper, out of Belvoir Windflower. As a foal, she won her class, went on to have a riding career.