Baledon Milky Way
(photo follows)
Born: 1992
Died: 1995
Breeder: A. Bale-Williams


In 1991, my father retired. As a farewell gift from his colleagues, He received a budget to acquire a bay colt from Wales. So, in spring 1992, we set a trip to Wales to go and find the colt. We went to visit The Revel, Baledon, Rookery and Ceulan studs to see what was there.

At Baledon, we found two bay colts. One out of Baledon Jubilation by  Weston Wyseworth  who ticked all boxes. Unfortunately, he was already sold to live a long career in Scotland and is known to us as Baledon Wyseman now.

The other colt was out of Brierwood Pancake. A very interestingly bred colt and a grandson of Criban Old Oak, who was a half brother to our first stallion. We used him as a two year old, but at the 1995 inspection, he did not get his premium at the stallion inspection. On the day, my father sold him to Austria, where he died shortly after due to an accident.

We bred two colts by him, Sumrin Milky Way and Sumrin Cosmos.

Baledon Milky Way Revel Janus Clan Pip Clan Tony Coed Coch Glyndwr
Llwyn Tinwen
Clan Prue Clan Dana
Tan-y-Bwlch Penllyn
Revel Jade Owain Glyndwr Coed Coch Glyndwr
Wentworth Stormy Petrel
Revel Jean Bolgoed Squire
Revel Judy
Brierwood Pancake Criban Old Oak Bowdler Beethoven Bowdler Bert
Bowdler Bess IV
Criban Old Gold Criban Cockade
Criban Mair
Brierwood Pansy Brierwood Blue Boy Revel Pattern
Brierwood Bluebird
Brierwood Bayleaf Wentworth Mentor
Barley Sugar