Powerfuls ShirlyPowerful's Shirly
(Photo by Ellen van Leeuwen)
Born: 1993
Breeder/Owner: Herman Knobben, Heerde

In 1987, Herman Knobben and I had a discussion on what stallion would produce well with Maaskant's Brigitte. I made a list of stallions that I thought would fit, amongst which Sumrin Tristan, her halfbrother. Sometimes fate likes to help a little hand and Tristan moved close to where the Powerful stud is located. (Continues After pedigree)


Powerful's Shirly

Sumrin Tristan

Coed Coch Brodor

Coed Coch Pryd

Coed Coch Madog

Coed Coch Prydferth
Coed Coch Siwan Coed Coch Madog
Coed Coch Seirian
Dyrin Tina Dyrin Martini Criban Bantam
Cwmowen Nutshell
Dyrin Grey Dawn Gaerstone Viscount
Orgwm Dawn
Maaskant's Brigitte Coed Coch Brodor Coed Coch Pryd Coed Coch Madog
Coed Coch Prydferth
Coed Coch Siwan Coed Coch Madog
Coed Coch Seirian
Jolanda  Dyrin Quicksilver Dyrin Martini
Dyrin Keepsake
Ravenstein's Jola Twyford Mark
Coedowen Vanity


Maaskant's Brigitte had her first filly foal: Powerful's Shirly. The filly looked smart. In fact so smart, that Herman Knobben decided to let Brigitte go in favor of Shirly. Quite a decision, as Brigitte was from a highly valued family. Brigitte's dam, Jolanda, produced 3 Premium stallions: Rober by Twyford Thunder, Caspar by Baledon Pippit and Maaskant's Jurgen by Coed Coch Brodor.  Besides, she produced three good daughters in Maaskant's Brigitte, Maaskant's Anita by Vardra Julius and Jonita by Rondeel's Cerdin. Brigitte had a prospect of becoming as good a mother as Jolanda: Brigitte had already produced two good colts, by Baledon Jeremiah and by Vardra Julius. The colt by Vardra Julius, Powerfuls Sunrise became a good sire of ponies in both Germany and Denmark.


Sumrin Tristan

Maaskant's Brigitte

Sire: Sumrin Tristan

Dam: Maaskant's Brigitte




Dam's Dam: Jolanda 

Jolanda is distinctive in other ways: she was by Dyrin Quicksilver, a halfbrother to Dyrin Tina, our foundation mare. Her dam was by Twyford Mark, a very good stockgetter in the Netherlands.

Powerfuls Merle

Powerful's Merith
(Springbourne Claret x Powerful's Shirly)

Powerful's Myrthe

(Castellau VIP x Powerful's Shirly)

Powerful's Merle
(Castellau VIP x Powerful's Shirly)




 Powerful's Clarissa


 Cyrna (Ysselvliedts Sven x Powerful's Myrthe)

 Powerful's Clarissa

(Ysselvliedt's Special Edition x Powerful's Merle)


Retaining Shirly has been a golden move to Powerful: She has gone to produce good stock, such as Powerful's Merlin by Elferink's Winston, Powerful's Merith by Springbourne Claret and the full sisters Powerful's Merle and Powerfuls Myrthe by Castellau VIP. Shirly has been declared "preferent" because of her successful offspring