Kompas YlonaKompas Ylona
(Photo by Marouschka Strating)
Born: 2000
Breeder: Fam. Maat, Uithoorn

The family Maat purchased Sumrin Thor as a foal back in 1993 and bred a number of good ponies by him. One of these was the "ster" mare Kompas Yvana out of Boreas Yucca. The family Maat was looking for a good match for Yvana and as they were a big fan of Dyfed Geraint, they chose Sumrin Taru's paternal halfbrother Revel Paul Jones as a match. The result, Kompas Ylona has been successful as a showmare and as a breeding mare.

Ylona clearly carries the stamp of Dyfed Geraint.

Interesting enough, there is also a cross of Ness Daffodil on her granddam's side through Craven Debonair (behind Matasja).


Kompas Ylona

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