Vardra JuliusVardra Julius
Born: 1971
Breeder: Mr. Williams, UK

Vardra Julius was born in 1971 in Wales at the Vardra Stud. He has had quite a career as a stallion and was granted the special premium 'Keur' in Holland, which means as much as 'Choice'. This stands for a stallion who has had a major impact on improving the breed. Julius was used at Sumrin as early as 1975, to produce Sumrin Sunstar, but in his days, he produced 7 foals with Dyrin Tina, 3 foals with Dyrin Seren Wen and one foal with Dyrin Zebadee and Roman Choice.Julius 1-j



Vardra Julius Twyford Sprig
Coed Coch Asa

Gredington Hynod

Coed Coch Anwyled
Revel Spring Song Pendock Playboy
Revel Serenade
Revel Pin Up Revel Light Pendock Playboy
Winestead Larina
Revel Playtime Pendock Playboy
Winestead Zenia

His career:

1971 Born at Mr. Tom William's place, Vardra stud.
1972 Joined many shows. Placed 2nd at the Royal Welsh Agricultural show in Wales.
1973 Exported to Germany: Helmut Kern 
1974 Rejected as a stallion in Germany, then exported to the Netherlands: Mr Arthur Spronken and Mr. Leo Kocken. 
1975 Accepted in Holland with a first premium. 
1976 - 1994  He always got a first premium for the NWPS 
1987 Leased for one season to Mr. Peter Thomas at the Revel in Wales (Dyfed Stud) 
1988 Return to Netherlands: New owner, Mr. Jan van Gestel, Lierop of Sumrin Stud
1989 Autumn: Sold to Mr. Ben Platzer in Nieuw-Schoonebeek of Thrianta stud.
1991 Sold to Mr. Vroomen 
1993 Sold to Mr. Quirinius van Dongen of Abberthome stud.
1994 Deceased in december.

Vardra Julius has many approved sons in The Netherlands:

Sumrin Sunstar out of Dyrin Seren Wen by Brierwood Goldleaf
Varpullan Victorio out of Dyrin Warpu  by Dyrin Martini
Varpullan Wieroch out of Dyrin Warpu  by Dyrin Martini
Varpullan Brutus out of Varpullan Berbe by Criban Star Fiddle
't Koetshuis Firecracker out of Ross Fancy That by Revel Chip
Varpullan Erok out of Coed Coch Eirian by Coed Coch Salsbri
Bolster Editore out of Coed Coch Eirian by Coed Coch Salsbri
Thrianta's Silver Shadow out of Steegje's Sonja by Coed Coch Brodor
Bolster Figaro out of Brierwood Fun by Brierwood Blue Boy

Abroad, at least one son is known:

Llanarth Cassino, in Canada