Born 2008   

Registered with WPCS and NWPCS
exported to France

Sumrin Tarcicio was born in 2008 in Lierop at Sumrin. He was a super foal, by the Elite stallion Synod Prophetl out of our own champion mare Sumrin Taru. This was the first time we used a Synod stallion on the line of Dyrin Tina (Doreen Jones of Synod is a daughter of Gwyn Price of Dyrin).


Synod Prophet was an interestingly bred stallion, with heavy line breeding to Revel Poplin & Revel Playtime. 


Tarcicio was sold to France as a gelding.




















Sumrin Tarcicio Synod Prophet Synod Captain Brierwood Rocket II Revel Pye
Brierwood Rosemarie
Brierwood Rosemary Revel Pattern
Brierwood Rosebud
Synod Pops Brierwood Rocket II Twyford Pepper
Leith Top-of-the-Pops Revel Jon
Revel Poplin
Sumrin Taru Dyfed Geraint Revel Centre Revel Chip
Revel Chelsea
Dyfed Gwen Revel Crusader
Dyfed Greylight
Dyrin Tina Dyrin Martini Criban Bantam
Cwmowen Nutshell
Dyrin Grey Dawn Gaerstone Viscount
Orgwm Dawn