Sumrin Toscane as a yearlingSumrin Toscane
(Photo by Joost van Gestel)
Born: 2004
Breeder/Owner: J. van Gestel

Sumrin Toscane was the first chestnut filly to be born at Sumrin since 1980. Almost by accident, she is linebred to the successful Full brothers Springbourne Claret and Springbourne Caraway. We also believe this is visible in her conformation. Being very proportionally built and combining a strong back and hind quarters, she goes back to the basis of Welsh breeding. As a bonus, Toscane showed very good movement in-hand.  Toscane gained a first premium at the regional show of the NWPCS. Unfortunately, we have not heard from Toscane since 2006.




Sumrin Toscane Mulligen's Domeniek Vechtzicht's Cymro Bach Springbourne Claret
Revel Cymbol
Mulligen's Dolly Blaenau Chelsea Fan
Domburg's Rozina
Sumrin Tulip Festival Springbourne Huckleberry Springbourne Caraway
Springbourne Hurrah
Sumrin Taru Dyfed Geraint
Dyrin Tina
Sumrin Toscane as yearling
Toscane as a foal