Breeder: David & Lorna Reynolds, UK

Owner: H. Roeters, Ammerzoden

Springbourne Glide did have a most unusual career. From being an ugly duckling as a youngster, he went to Germany, where Lynn Irnich of Sadiqui stud had faith in him and raised him to be a stallion. After a few years, Glide moved to Holland via Ysselvliedt stud and did stud duty for Mr. Harrie Peters (Hoefke), Jan Hazeleger (Centannial), after which he ended up with the Roetsenest stud of Hans Roeters. 

In the meanwhile, he snapped up many prizes: National Champion at the NWPCS Stallion Grading show, Champion at the WPCV Show, amongst others. 

His true fame lies in his offspring: 4 Dyoll Starlight cup winners: Biesdeel's Planed, Roetsenest's Santa Fe, Vlonderzicht's Harm en Roetsenest's Bugatti. This is only equalled by his even more famous half brother Vechtzicht's Hywel.

Glide also left many good daughters, one of note being certainly Peelzicht's Maicy. Based on his breeding results, Springbourne Glide has been awarded the "Elite" premium at the NWPCS, the highest breeding award a stallion can get.

Glides offspring have a lot in common with their sire: like a good wine, they need time to mature. But they all are good movers with plenty of bone.


Springbourne Glide Springbourne Claret Penual Mark Revel Jeeves Bengad Parrotia
Revel Jewel
Penual Margo Twyford Sprig
Gurnos Maid
Springbourne Carys Revel Carreg Revel Chip
Revel Cayenne
Belvoir Columbine Coed Coch Asa
Clan Crocus
Springbourne Glenys Revel Carreg Revel Chip Clan Pip
Revel Choice
Revel Cayenne Twyford Sprig
Revel Catkin
Rosecottage Giulia Revel Cassino Clan Pip
Revel Choice
Cwmgarn Gwen Revel Celtic Master
Cwmgarn Trixie