Breeder: Arthur Spronken

Owners:Pierre Raymakers/ Jenny van de Wetering

Born: 1983


Varpullan Wieroch was born on the day that Varpu Tikanoja (wife of Arthur Spronken) passed away. His dam, Dyrin Warpu was namen after Varpu, which made Wieroch a very special stallion. In 1986, Wieroch was licensed with a premium for the NWPCS. Wieroch bred a number of champion foals and we used him twice, in 1991 and in 1992, resulting in Sumrin Brenda and Sumrin Tuuli.

Vardra Julius fit very well on daughters of Dyrin Martini, at Sumrin, he gave us a string of good fillies and also for Varpullan, he bred big winners such as Varpullan Victorio and Varpullan Vina.

Dyrin Warpu was a very sweet headed mare, tracing back to Criban Rachel- Criban Ruby on the mother's side, just like Criban Bantam.





Varpullan Wieroch Vardra Julius Twyford Sprig Coed Coch Asa Gredington Hynod
Coed Coch Anwyled
Revel Spring Song Pendock Playboy
Revel Serenade
Revel Pinup Revel Light Pendock Playboy
Winestead Larina
Revel Playtime Pendock Playboy
Winestead Zenia
Dyrin Warpu Dyrin Martini Criban Bantam Bolgoed Shot Star
Criban Brenda
Cwmowen Nutshell Dyrin Athlete
Cwmowen Lady
Dyrin Keepsake Treharne David Clan Dubail
Stoatley Bright Dawn
Dyrin Charm Criban Ace
Criban Rachel