Breeder:Rowfant stud, UK


Born: 1969


Rowfant Seal had an very good pedigree. He was used as a youngster at the Dyrin stud of Gwyn Price, where also our foundation mare came from. When Gwyn Price judged the Royal Welsh show, he made Coed Coch Symwl section A champion with Coed Coch Madog male champion section A. Gwyn Price also had an enormous admiration of the Coed Coch Madog son Twyford Grenadier, who died very young. Somehow, these three ponies were  now combined in one chestnut stallion, Rowfant Seal.

However, Rowfant Seal did not suit the Dyrin mares very well. My father purchased Dyrin Zebadee by Rowfant Seal, but she was not a very successful show mare. Rowfant Seal was offered at the Fayre Oaks sale after a number of seasons at Dyrin, where two Dutchmen were bidding each other up to the sky. Rowfant Seal was sold for a record price. After arrival in the Netherlands, Rowfant Seal served many mares and did leave a lot of good breeding mares as well as a number of premium sons.

Despite knowing that Dyrin lines did not do well with Rowfant Seal, we took Sumrin Tirana to Rowfant Seal in 1985, resulting in the mare Sumrin Toulouse. Although Toulouse was not a show pony, she did go on to create a dynasty of her own and her descendants came as far as the Czech Republic.



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Coed Coch Mefusen
Twyford Gala Coed Coch Glyndwr
Wee Georgette
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Craven Sunset
Gwyndy Georgiana Craven Sprightly
Gwyndy Georgina II
Coed Coch Sianw Coed Coch Madog Coed Coch Seryddwr Coed Coch Glyndwr
Coed Coch Seirian
Coed Coch Mefusen Coed Coch Glyndwr
Grove Madcap
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Coed Coch Seirian
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