Springbourne Huckleberry

Breeder: David & Lorna Reynolds, UK

Owner:W. Dobber, Breukelen

Photo  by: Janneke de Rade

Springbourne Huckleberry was used by us as a two year old in 1999. He served 4 mares, we had two fillies by him, Sumrin Tulva and Sumrin Tulip Festival. Huckleberry was quite something different. A strong, big colt, with a good laid back shoulder and a very long neck. In the same year, Huckleberry also produced a premium stallion named Hegelhofs Serge. Huckleberry is the first and only stallion to have run out with mares in at the park "Strabrechtse Heide" in Lierop.

Huckleberry is the only son of Royal Welsh Champion stallion Springbourne Caraway that we have used. His dam Springbourne Hurrah also left another premium stallion in the Netherlands, Springbourne Hydeaway, as well as some lovely stock in the UK, such as Mynyddtarren Habanera. Through Springbourne Boy Blue (exported to Canada), he brings in two crosses of Criban Bantam, as well as some very valued lines from Revel Cassino, Revel Caress and Revel Crusader, all out of Revel Choice, as well as some good Bowdler lines with Criban Pom and Bowdler Blue Boy. We are very pleased what we got by him. It is a shame we didn't get to use him more often, he went to Denmark where he pursued a ridden career.



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